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Since 2001, we have been experts in the mining sector (such as coal, gold and nickel mining). In recent years, it has been proven that we have grown together with our customers to make us a worthy business partner. We have a lot of experience in Mining, Construction and Plantation Projects with 24/7 support and are supported by certified and qualified mechanics in properly maintaining rental units.

We will provide a very flexible service regarding terms & conditions, this is also supported by good & fast service in responding to you. Please focus on your main business and leave it to us to provide solutions and manage heavy equipment units for you, including:

pure rental

Pure Rental

We deliver heavy equipment industrial rental solutions that are easy, transparent and completely focused on your business needs. We understand that every renter has unique preferences, which is why we offer a seamless rental experience, designed to meet all your expectations.

Rent To Buy (RTB)

Rent to buy (RTB)

We present a revolutionary solution to help you realize your dream of owning heavy equipment, and manufacturing equipment to support your business production. With our rental program, you not only get immediate access, but also reduce a considerable financial burden.

used equipment

used equipment

We rent semi-finished products with a wide selection and high-quality materials that can improve your efficiency and productivity. We understand that reliable performance, affordable prices, and professional technical support are key to the success of your business.

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