Full Maintenance Contract (FMC)

With a full maintenance contract, we are committed to providing a comprehensive maintenance solution, and keeping your investment product running seamlessly.


Full Maintenance Contract (FMC) is an option from the Intraco Penta Group program to support machine operations, where Intraco Penta Group allocates adequate technicians according to the customer's agreement to carry out equipment maintenance which includes placing mechanics, spare parts and components at the customer's location to guarantee equipment availability. Customer weight (Machine Availability).

Scope of Work for Full Maintenance Contract (FMC):

  1. Comprehensive care and maintenance with target customer heavy equipment availability as agreed;
  2. Availability of spare parts at the customer's location;
  3. Planned maintenance and repair of customer heavy equipment;
  4. Provide education to operators to operate or maintain heavy equipment properly and correctly;
  5. Technician on site 1 x 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Benefits of Using Full Maintenance Contract (FMC)


Guarantee the availability of heavy equipment owned by the Customer.

reliable mechanic

Supported by reliable and skilled mechanics owned by INTA.

Save Cost & Time

Fees for planned care and maintenance.


Customers' machines are always ready for use with guaranteed availability as agreed.

High Quality Products

Heavy customer equipment has a high resale value due to good maintenance.

Service Support


We transform sub-optimal components back to high performance. With advanced technology and an experienced team, we are committed to extending the life of your machine and re-optimizing it to its full potential.

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