Service Maintenance Contract (SMC)

With service maintenance contracts, we not only handle maintenance on industrial machines, but also commit to providing the best experience and service consultation that meets your expectations.


Service Maintenance Contract (SMC) is an option from the Intraco Penta Group program to support machine operations, where Intraco Penta Group allocates adequate technicians according to the customer's agreement to carry out routine mechanic visits to carry out periodic maintenance or service and a Comprehensive Inspection Program (Machine Inspection Program).

Scope of Work for Service Maintenance Contract (SMC):

  1. Regular visits by mechanics to carry out unit maintenance/service according to the schedule issued by the manufacture.
  2. Mechanic visit to carry out a thorough inspection (Machine Inspection Program)
  3. Recommend Spare Parts or Spare Parts for repairs.
  4. Provide education to operators to operate or maintain heavy equipment properly and correctly;
  5. The technician's arrival follows the time for regular maintenance.

Benefits of Using Service Maintenance Contract (SMC)

Maintenance Focus

Guarantee regular maintenance of heavy equipment owned by customers.

Perawatan Mudah

Early detection of damage that will occur.

reliable mechanic

Supported by reliable and skilled mechanics owned by INTA.

Best Service Time

Fast service time.

Service Support


We transform sub-optimal components back to high performance. With advanced technology and an experienced team, we are committed to extending the life of your machine and re-optimizing it to its full potential.

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